The Metro Group is not only dedicated and proficient in maintaining the operation of your boiler, but also the legally required compliance aspects of owning and operating a boiler. Our boiler compliance department are experts at understanding the complex NYC and NYS DOB and DEP regulations. We actively monitor City and State databases to identify current violations, and expiration dates of your equipment. Our field staff is proficient in any and all inspections, boiler room code, and has the ability to clear violations on your building

Backflow Prevention Testing

NYC Department of Environmental Protection requires that all large residential buildings, and most commercial/industrial buildings test the effectiveness of their backflow prevention devices annually. These tests must be performed by a licensed master plumber who is certified as a backflow prevention assembly tester. Results of the annual tests must be submitted to the DEC or violations and fines will be issued to the building.

As your turn-key mechanical room vendor The Metro Group will:

  • Complete the annual test
  • Quote and complete any necessary repairs
  • File the required reports with the DEP

In addition, we can help clear any old violations and reduce or eliminate any fines the building currently has outstanding.

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