Understanding an MPP Series

Part 1. Team Members and Their Responsibilities

As part of creation of a management program and plan it is crucial to lay out the different members that will be involved with the servicing and management of the cooling tower, and assign responsibilities as necessary. Typical categories of team members fall under these roles:

1. Owner – The owner of the cooling tower equipment.
2. Owners Representative – Typically responsible for NYC & NYS Compliance Registration/Uploads. Also typically the primary record keeper
3. Responsible Person – Typically responsible for the weekly visual inspection, 3x weekly water quality testing, and also a primary record keeper
4. Mechanical Contractor – Typically responsible for preventative maintenance and/or repairs to the tower
5. Account Manager – Typically a liaison to all involved parties as well as an additional record keeper
6. Service Technician – Performs monthly treatment, disinfections, and quarterly inspections
7. Qualified Person – Creates & Maintains the MPP, quarterly legionella sampling, inspection review and sign off, secondary record keeping

The delegation of these different roles helps assure all necessary parts of compliance are covered, and it is clear who is responsible. This will also identify for the Department of Health during time of inspection how the person they are speaking with is related to the cooling tower management. It is imperative that all functions are identified and each team members full contact information is provided according to section RCNY 8-03 to be compliant. Lastly, it is important this data is consistent with the information as registered with the NYS/NYC. It is expected that team members will change over time and that both the MPP and registration portals are updated as needed to be kept up to date.

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Guaranteed Fine For Your Building

If you own, or manage a building that owns and operates a cooling tower you already know; NYC is looking fine you for even the smallest deviation from Local Law 77.

One aspect of the law that you may not be aware of is that your annual cooling tower certification document must be uploaded to the Department of Buildings (DOB) website. Most operators think that having their certification on site, or uploading it to the Department of Health’s website is sufficient; but it’s not. If you don’t upload it to the DOB website you WILL receive a fine, and the ECB/OATH Hearing Officers WILL NOT dismiss that fine (if you are lucky they may reduce the amount).

The certifications are due by November 1st and can be uploaded here: http://coolingtowers.cityofnewyork.us.

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Is Your Cooling Tower Compliant for 2017?

In NYC, Local Law 77 requires two cooling tower cleanings to be completed each year by November 1st.  The 2nd tower cleaning can be completed at any time during the year, so there is no need to delay scheduling the cleaning until you are ready to shut down. Delaying scheduling of the 2nd tower cleaning can only lead to potential fines.  If it gets too cold workers will not be able to clean the tower, leaving your tower out of compliance, and the building open to fines.  As the season gets later, the tower cleaning schedule fills up very quickly. If you don’t get your cleaning scheduled now you could miss the November 1st deadline, again leaving the building open to potential fines.  Also, the longer you wait to schedule the cleaning, the more difficult it will be to obtain your end-of-year certification on time.  The bottom line – it’s best to get your 2nd tower cleaning scheduled sooner, rather than later.

Finally, if you plan on shutting down your tower early, and it has not been cleaned yet, you should keep it running until the cleaning has been completed. Proper shut-down/start-up procedures must be followed, and it is much more efficient to shut-down once at the end of the season.

For expert cooling tower compliance work from the NYC’s best and longest standing water treatment company please call the Metro Group at 718-729-7200