Co-Gen: Efficient, Reliable, & Cost- Saving Technology

Save money and increase property value with the fastest ROI.

Co-Gen from Metro: An Energy Saving Mechanical System that “Co”-Generates Heat and Electricity

At Metro, we understand how important Green Energy is to you. We use our Co-Gen system where Natural Gas is used to generate electricity (off the grid) while at the same time creating heat. This can then be used to supply FREE heat, hot water and/or heat load for a chiller or swimming pool.

With over 95% energy efficiency, Co-Gen enables many buildings to become as “Green” as possible with their energy production.

This advancement in technology brings huge energy savings to you. An investment in Cogen can provide in excess of a 20+% ROI with a faster than five-year payback.

The system can act as a generator for a building that produces electricity for common areas such as a hallways, lobby, elevator, or house pump, to supply water, should the grid ever go down unexpectedly.

Not only do the benefits of Co-Gen help you while you own the building, but also if it’s ever sold. Real estate with a Co-Gen unit on site sells at a premium due to reduced energy costs for the building. You can benefit from an increased property value with this one addition.

Metro Co-Gen systems are the most energy efficient available and we have the broadest selection of sizing options (from 35Kw to 4Mw). We can provide units that work for buildings of all sizes, from 10-story apartment buildings to large universities and everything in between.

Metro provides a “Turn-Key” clean energy solution by which we can provide the necessary engineering to size, sell, install and service the unit.

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