Legionella & Water Management Webinar Recap

On Tuesday, December 5th, The Metro Group, Inc. hosted its first of many upcoming webinars that will be discussing and educating on subjects relating to Water Treatment, Water Management, and Boiler/Burner Efficiency Testing and Care. This particular webinar titled “Legionella & Water Management and Real-World Experience for Building Water Management Plans,” was a free webinar training that focused on the Do’s and Don’ts of putting together a Water Management Plan to reduce the risk of Legionella in facility water systems, based on the real-world experience of Metro’s water treatment professionals. The seminar was designed for the building personnel responsible for creating and implementing plans. Afterwards, the attendees left the webinar with an understanding of what a Water Management Plan is, where and how to get started with one, and how to stay in compliance with the various regulations and mandates, including the CMS policy for the Healthcare Industry and the New York State legislation for Cooling Towers and Potable Water Systems.

The webinar lasted about 45 minutes with time for a helpful Q&A to end the presentation. Overall, the high turnout and positive feedback will be useful for conducting webinars in the future. If you are interested in attending this webinar, an encore presentation will be held on December 21st from 2:00pm-3:00 pm EST.

 Who should attend?

• Building Owners & Agents • Facilities & Maintenance • Infection Control & EHS • Engineering & Operations Agenda: • Brief overview of Legionella • Building Water Systems at Risk • Water Management Plan’s, Defined • Current Legislation & Guidelines

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