NYC DOB Update: August

Customers will be able to schedule, cancel, and review appointments through a convenient website. To access the new system, users will enter the same DOB ID Number and PIN they previously provided when calling 311.

For all appointments with a Plan Examiner through Friday, October 5

 Continue to call 311 to make or cancel an appointment if the desired or scheduled meeting date is before or on October 5.

 As appointments and cancellations must be made at least one day prior, the last day that 311 will process these calls will be October 4.

For all appointments with a Plan Examiner starting Tuesday, October 9

 Starting Monday, October 1 customers may use the new system through a link on the website to make appointments with a desired meeting date of October 9 or later.

 No appointments will be transferred from the old system to the new system. It will not be possible to make an appointment that occurs on October 9 or later until the new system is launched on October 1.

The new appointments system only applies to standard plan review for BIS job filings.

 Specialized plan examination appointments (audits, determinations, emergencies, and project advocate appointments) will continue to be made by submitting a PER11 Manual Appointment and Drop Off Request Form or by contacting the appropriate borough office.

 DOB NOW plan examination appointments (for filings submitted in DOB NOW: Build) will continue to be scheduled in DOB NOW.

Sources: More information on the appointments system including training materials will be posted on prior to its launch.