BOILER CARE-Waterside & Fireside, Tune-Ups, Repairs, Boil Outs, Overhauls, Installations, Cleanings

IN MAJOR METROPOLITAN MARKETS, The Metro Group provides a variety of boiler-care programs, including boiler waterside cleaning, selective fireside cleaning and tune-ups, and other applied cleaning and equipment installation services. Keeping a boiler properly maintained is essential for smooth, minimal risk operation of the system. Over the course of our 90 years in business, we have developed a reputation for outstanding boiler care practices, earning the respect of high level organizations such as hospitals, educational institutions, and large-city government. Our cost-saving programs create clean heat transfer surfaces, which yield:

Financial savings: Reduce unnecessary fuel costs and boiler downtime associated with inefficient systems
Longer equipment life: Reduce the rate and buildup of corrosion and get a longer life out of a system
Reduced maintenance: Keep component pieces running smoothly, reducing downtime and costly repairs
Increased safety: Keep risk of boiler failure to a minimum.