AREAS OF EXPERTISE AND APPLICATIONS-Water Treatment Maintenance Programs, Feed & Control Equipment

FOR OVER 90 YEARS, Metro has served the diverse needs of domestic and international businesses by providing technically sound and professionally administered programs for thousands of clients. Metro offers products and services for a wide range of industrial/commercial applications. Regardless of your company’s line of work, Metro has or will develop a program specifically tailored to your needs, whether comprehensive or a special request.

Industry applications:

– Water treatment for commercial/institutional applications
– School, university and residential housing water care
– Food & beverage applications
– Boiler (fireside and waterside) and cooling water treatment/cleaning programs for industry
– Chemicals for industrial process and waste water
– One-time through full service maintenance program levels
– Potable (drinking water) and domestic water supplies and disinfection
– Effluent waters waste-water streams
– Chemical containment and Drumless Delivery Systems (DDS)
– Boiler mechanical repair-NYS R Stamp certified
– Solid water treatment chemical and other green technology

Feed and control equipment:

Metro provides feed and control equipment for liquids, powders, tablets, and solid-concentrate products. Our range of offerings include:

– Chemical feed and control equipment, with or without remote monitoring
– Corrosion racks and dosing pumps
– Basic board-mounted feed units through complex, engineered systems
– Incorporation of remote monitoring and computer control devices
– Diverse selection from all major equipment suppliers

We fully support our equipment offerings with CAD drawings and installations wherever necessary.