THANK YOU FOR VISITING The Metro Group, Inc.! We hope you find our site useful and informative. At The Metro Group, we always welcome inquiries from current or potential customers and employees, so after looking through what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, comments or questions.

As President of The Metro Group, Inc., I am proud to be continuing my family’s long-standing tradition of forming lasting partnerships with each of our customers and employees. This website is an extension of our commitment to customer support and I hope you will find it beneficial and informative as you learn more about our organization.

The Metro Group, Inc. was founded 85 years ago by my grandfather. This singular fact affects who we are and how we think about our customers, our vendors, and our employees. The familial culture combined with savvy business acumen helps our customers focus on their main role: generating revenue for their company.

Our job as a comprehensive facilities services company is to help you, as our client, cut your costs so that more of your revenue turns into profit. Every property or building manager knows that the most expensive piece of equipment they have is the one that doesn’t work. The quality water treatment, boiler repair, and customized service that we provide saves you energy, preserves expensive capital equipment longer, is cost-effective, and reduces or prevents costly downtime.

Our success as an ongoing family business remains as one of my grandfather’s most enduring legacies, and our pride in this legacy means that we treat all of our stakeholders (customers, vendors, and employees) with respect, loyalty and care. We value each and every relationship and believe each one deserves, and can expect, our individual attention.

Our longevity influences our perspective. We constantly monitor our current performance, but make our evaluations with the long-term future in mind. That allows current, but temporary, concerns to be viewed relative to larger, more enduring achievements and goals. Our solutions are always the right ones for the long haul.

We have our own manufacturing plant. We have our own certified laboratory. We have scores of service technicians on the road servicing buildings just like yours, every day. We are large enough to meet all of your facility needs, but we are small enough to provide unsurpassed customized plans tailored for you and your systems. We have over 90 years of experience in satisfying customers.

Whether you need specialty chemicals, advanced feed, monitoring, control equipment, a boiler repair, or trained skilled technicians, we will tailor a program for you, always designed to save you money. Your account manager will be the dedicated contact for you and the people you work with at Metro. You’ll get to know him or her as we work together, and you’ll start to feel like the people who work at Metro do: Just like family.