AT METRO, providing superior quality water treatment while encouraging environmental conservation is a primary concern. We have a wide range of protocols in place to ensure proper use and disposal of chemicals used to service our customers, particularly with new construction projects looking for LEED or U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certification.

We remain ultimately responsible for our chemicals, from creation of the products to the eventual safe disposal of the empty containers and take great care to ensure that no accidents or problems occur in between.

We are always looking for ways to improve our “green” practices and will continue to do so in the future. Here is a look at what we do:


– On-the-job and in-house classroom safety and training programs
– Low accident rate involving chemicals and hazardous work
– Green business practices and treatment options

Product Improvements:

– Solid chemicals rather than liquids, reducing the risk of spillage
– Improved protocols for managing water systems, involving higher standards of maintenance and cleanliness
– Improved efficiency in our treatment programs, resulting in lower overall consumption of pesticides
– Cleanings and preventative maintenance programs to decrease the frequency of major repairs

Chemical Product and Container Control:

– Drumless Delivery Service (DDS): Metro controls drum-handling logistics so that customers never have to handle chemical drums entering or leaving their facility
– Recycling old chemicals and refurbishing used chemical drums
– Encouraging the use of solid chemicals to eliminate chemical drums and associated hazards to personnel and the environment

Pesticide Training:

– Training programs to educate both Metro technicians and our customers’ engineers on the use and application of pesticides for each custom-designed system