Understanding A Cooling Tower MPP Series: Part 4

Part 4. Control Measures

For the next segment of our understanding an MPP series we highlight the control measures section. This requirement has multiple components that include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Checklists for routine monitoring (3x weekly water quality testing and 1x weekly visual inspection)
  2. Checklists for the mechanical maintenance requirements
  3. A table that denotes the different water treatment program items and their frequency, what team members responsibility it falls on, and how this work is verified as being performed.

The reason this section exists is to spell out how this work is to be completed in more detail, and to help allow inspectors to verify documentation as it is spelled out in the plan (i.e. if a building is supposed to have legionella samples taken in May, July, and September are those sample results in the applicable section of their logbook?). This will also help management assure that if they are using an outside mechanical contractor, or trying to cover that requirement in-house that they can be sure to cover the proper items necessary. If management has any question as to whose responsibility a particular requirement for cooling tower compliance, the control measures section would be a great place to get an understanding of the itemized requirements.

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