The Metro Group’s Full-Service Water Treatment Program is designed to protect your valuable capital equipment from corrosion, scaling and fouling. In addition, these programs extend the useful life of your equipment and keep them running as efficiently as possible. Proper water treatment programs provide excellent ROIU by saving fuel costs, preventing downtime and costly repairs.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Our cooling tower water treatment programs consist of a corrosion inhibitor chemical to protect the metal components of our cooling tower, plus a dual biocide chemical feed to mitigate the growth of bacteria including Legionella. Depending on the size of the tower, our specially trained cooling tower technicians will provide service weekly, twice-a-month, or monthly. During these visits the chemistry of the tower will be checked and adjusted as needed, chemical inventory will be refilled, and operation of the chemical feed equipment will be checked and calibrated. Click here for information specific to NYC and NYS regulatory cooling tower compliance.

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