The Metro Group’s Full-Service Water Treatment Program are designed to protect your valuable capital equipment from corrosion, scaling and fouling. In addition, these programs extend the useful life of your equipment, and keep them running as efficiently as possible. Proper water treatment programs provide an excellent ROIU by saving fuel costs, preventing downtime and costly repairs.

Domestic Water Treatment

The Metro Group is proud to be licensed in NYC and NYS to apply chemicals to drinking water. Drinking water municipal supply is typically very high quality in our area, however, once that water enters older building piping systems corrosion may present itself as brown water at the point-of-use (sinks, showers, etc.). Our domestic water treatment service uses a corrosion inhibitor injected in a very controlled manner to coat the inside of drinking water pipes to prevent brown water and slow the corrosion of internal building piping. In addition, we supply continuous disinfection programs for bacteria growth in drinking water systems for buildings with recurring bacteria problems or to comply with Article 28 requirement for healthcare facilities.

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