For companies operating water systems, water treatment is an entire industry aimed at problem prevention.

Water treatment is the art, science and technology of controlling corrosion and deposits in systems which use water to transfer heat or for specific processing purposes. Those water systems primarily include steam boilers, cooling towers, and captive circulating systems. In a broader sense, water systems also include potable waters, wastewaters, decorative fountains, or “process” waters such as those used in the beverage, pharmaceutical, research, quench baths, medical or clarification fields.

Water, while necessary to sustain life, becomes extremely problematic when used for commercial and industrial purposes. Given that water is used in virtually every type of facility in areas as diverse as climate control and manufacturing, the goal of a water treatment program is to allow the local water supply to become optimally suitable for a specific end-use. Treatment needs may include:

– Removing contaminants
– Preventing scaling and corrosion
– Enhancing the efficiency of the system, conserving fuel, and saving money
– Preventing organic and inorganic deposits
– Lengthening the in-service life of your capital equipment
– Preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria, including Legionella
– Stabilizing and controlling water quality
– Converting water to the desired end-use state

Corrosion, the deterioration of metal in reaction with its environment, is costly. It leads to unplanned repairs, premature replacement of capital equipment, and unscheduled shutdown. Deposits develop in various forms (organic, inorganic, mineral-based, etc.) and lead directly to energy inefficiencies, including problematic flow restrictions.

At Metro, water treatment involves the application of specially formulated chemical treatment regimens coupled with a sensible selection of equipment designed to mitigate problems before they occur. The equipment does the heavy work to eliminate primary foulants, while the treatment program follows specially designed guidelines to polish the water supply, allowing for high efficiency. Our personnel support every program with on-site service, operator training, consultative advice or full maintenance applications. For an overview of our capabilities, download our brochure.