Property and Facility managers, custodians, superintendents, chief engineers

DEPENDING UPON DESIGN, every entity that operates a Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, and/or boiler maintenance for comfort heating or cooling purposes typically requires some form of water treatment. In addition, most processes necessitate heat be either added or rejected typically operate water-using equipment that must be protected via a water treatment program.

Metro’s programs are custom-tailored to the specifications of individual systems and yield financial savings, longer equipment life, reduced system maintenance requirements, and increased safety. Build-up of deposits can reduce heat transfer, leading to increased fuel use of up to 35%. In addition to being costly, deposits can be unsafe. They can restrict flows, promote failure, block intakes/outflows, or in cooling water, lead directly to the proliferation of undesirable bacteria such as Legionella, sp.

The Metro Group, Inc. prides itself on servicing clients in a wide range of industries through programs tailored to each market. At this time, our programs are provided for thousands of clients in these general sectors:

– Commercial buildings
– Manufacturing plants
– Hospitals and nursing homes
– Educational facilities — schools, colleges, universities
– Residential apartment buildings & hotels
– Government and municipal facilities

The Metro team understands the varying needs of each industry type. Our specially trained account managers and service technicians work closely with our in-house laboratory and Technical Department to design, apply and monitor your system maintenance program. Metro will keep your systems operating at optimal efficiency so you can focus on the details of running your business.